2018-2019 Staff

Thomas Saravia

Thomas is a freshman and this is his first year writing for H2N. He likes to write features and show his opinions with others through writing news articles for the school.  His interests are mostly games, music, and writing. ...

Madyson Anthony

Madyson is a senior at Hayfield this year. This is her second year doing journalism, and she’s returning to H2N after taking a break during her sophomore and junior year. Mady specializes in writing cultural features for H2N. Outs...

Haley Rowlands

Haley Rowlands is a sophomore in her first year of journalism. She enjoys writing about controversial subjects and opinion pieces. She takes part in competitive track and cross country. She is in a military family and loves to ...

Sydney Blackston

Sydney Blackston is a sophomore in her first year of journalism. She enjoys receiving and sharing ideas. She hopes to write honest reviews and stories that voice the students’ opinions.

Joshua Benitez

Josh is sophomore and first year writer/designer for H2N. He designs illustrations for stories of any type, and sports covers using symbolic cartoons or drawings to properly represent it.   

Lyndsay Rowlands

Lyndsay Rowlands is a sophomore and is a first year journalism student. She initially joined journalism because she believed it to be exciting and challenging. She enjoys writing opinion and feature stories because it allows her t...

John Rowlands

John Rowlands is a senior at Hayfield and is currently in his first year of H2N. Although he was late to join journalism he still wanted to give it a try because it was something new. His mom is in the Air Force so he has move...

Samantha Wenger

Samantha Wenger is a sophomore as a first year journalism writer. She may be quiet in class, but her opinions aren’t when she starts to write. Samantha mostly enjoys writing features and opinion pieces so she is able to share ...

Amber Frye

Amber Frye is a senior at Hayfield  who loves to write opinion and feature stories.  She is a first year journalism student. She loves to play sports; she plays basketball and lacrosse for Hayfield. She also loves writing poetry a...

Sylvia~Daniella Cardinal

Sylvia~Daniella Cardinal is a freshman and a first year journalism student. In her free time she does competitive gymnastics and reads books. She enjoys spending time with her dog and friends. She loves writing and hopes to get ...

Allison NewRingeien

Allison NewRingeisen is a freshman and a first year journalism student. She enjoys dancing competitively and she is also a substitute teacher for her dance studio. She loves teaching younger kids, and she hopes that one day she ...

Reda Majid

Reda Majid is a graphics design editor and website editor who specializes in info graphics and photo editing. Occasionally when a story that he is passionate about comes up, he will pull out his secret weapon, "The Pen".

Maggie Markon

Maggie Markon is a junior in her third year of journalism. She tends to prefer writing over designing and gravitates toward controversial and meaningful stories that represent the Hayfield community.

Sydney Hirt

Sydney Hirt is a first year journalism writer who specializes in writing columns , features, and opinion pieces. She especially loves writing personal articles that are meant to be relatable, and that are the voice of the people.

Lauren Upah

Lauren Upah is a junior and second year writer for H2N. She enjoys expressing her opinions about events happening at school and in her community.

Samantha Lebeck

Sam Lebeck is a junior and asociate editor for H2N, and this is her third year writing for the award-winning magazine. She enjoys covering topics both in the Hayfield community and all over the world.

Brynn Luskey

Brynn Luskey is a Junior and first year writer for H2N. She enjoys writing columns in order to establish her opinion of events happening throughout the world.

Hiwot Gideon

Hiwot Gideon is a junior and a first year writer for H2N. She enjoys writing columns and expressing her opinions about things that she is affected by.

Annaliese Grunder

Annaliese Grunder is an eleventh grader who enjoys covering politics and all things controversial for H2N. She's grateful that H2N provides her and her fellow reporters with an opportunity to vocalize their beliefs. This is her...