2017-2018 Staff

Julia Napier

Julia Napier is a junior and has been writing for H2N for 2 years, and is now a managing editor. She often writes stories and features regarding prominent people and policies at Hayfield.

Mikal Daba

Mikal Daba is a first year journalism student. She wants to be able to share her opinions to large audiences, and feels that Journalism is a great platform. She plans to grow as a writer and learn from her peers as she writes...

Reda Majid

Reda Majid is a graphics design editor and website editor who specializes in info graphics and photo editing. Occasionally when a story that he is passionate about comes up, he will pull out his secret weapon, "The Pen".

Jessica Probst

Jessica is senior and this is her fourth year being a designer for H2N. She enjoys working on controversial pages and trying out new layouts for H2N. Probst is not a supporter of the Oxford Comma, like Cecily Farrell.

Maggie Markon

Maggie Markon is a junior in her third year of journalism. She tends to prefer writing over designing and gravitates toward controversial and meaningful stories that represent the Hayfield community.

Jack Patrick

Jack Patrick is a first year journalism writer in the 9th grade. He likes to write film review and news stories for the class. He also enjoys writing articles and review on certain topics like space, comics, games and theater.

Cecily Farrell

Cecily Farrell is a Senior and first year designer for H2N. She enjoys working on sports pages and hopes to express her opinion through design. Farrell is a supporter of the Oxford Comma.

Pyrria Sangster

Pyrria Sangster is from Keokuk, IA. He likes to write, especially with creativity. His favorite type of writing is features, specially controversial subjects.

Neveah Hill

Neveah Hill is a Sophomore and first year writer for H2N. She has very strong opinions and enjoys expressing them to her community.

Sydney Hirt

Sydney Hirt is a first year journalism writer who specializes in writing columns , features, and opinion pieces. She especially loves writing personal articles that are meant to be relatable, and that are the voice of the people.

Lauren Upah

Lauren Upah is a junior and second year writer for H2N. She enjoys expressing her opinions about events happening at school and in her community.

Esperanza Johnson

Esperanza Johnson is a freshman and first year designer for H2N. She enjoys expressing her opinions about events going on at school, and the broad world-wide community.

Aby Hasca

Abyssinia Hasca is from Brooklyn, New York. She likes to edit and write in her free time, as well as spend time with her family but still needs her private time. She is obsessed with celebrities, such as, The Weekend, Justin Bieber,...

Lauren Miller

Lauren Miller is a senior at Hayfield and currently enrolled in Journalism 4. Working her way up to co-editor-in-chief this year, Miller has also been a copy, section, and managing editor over the past years. Working closely with...

Samantha Lebeck

Sam Lebeck is a junior and asociate editor for H2N, and this is her third year writing for the award-winning magazine. She enjoys covering topics both in the Hayfield community and all over the world.

Brynn Luskey

Brynn Luskey is a Junior and first year writer for H2N. She enjoys writing columns in order to establish her opinion of events happening throughout the world.

Brad Pace

Brad Pace is a second year editor. He is especially interested in sports Journalism. He enjoys expressing his opinions about sports subjects.

Jake McKinney

Jake is a staff writer at Hayfield Secondary. He enjoys writing columns, he likes to express his opinions through his columns. He enjoys writing about all subjects and whatever comes to mind, he enjoys sharing his works to diverse...

Sabriya Rahman

Sabriya Rahman is a Junior and a first year writer for H2N. Sabriya likes to write features about interesting topics that aren't widely known. She hopes to eventually be an author of children s books.

Alison Habina

Alison is a sophomore at Hayfield. She is a first year writer for the H2N magazine. She enjoys writing about student activities and sports.

Alexander Guidinetti

Alexander is a first year designer for the H2N magazine. He is a junior who has been attending Hayfield Secondary since the 7th grade. Alexander takes strong liking in sports and politics.

Hiwot Gideon

Hiwot Gideon is a junior and a first year writer for H2N. She enjoys writing columns and expressing her opinions about things that she is affected by.

Annaliese Grunder

Annaliese Grunder is an eleventh grader who enjoys covering politics and all things controversial for H2N. She's grateful that H2N provides her and her fellow reporters with an opportunity to vocalize their beliefs. This is her...

Austen Davis

Austen is a first year designer for the H2N magazine, and is especially interested in sports Journalism. His favorite pages to design are things that deal with Hawk Athletics.

Minh Vu

Minh Vu is second year editor. Although previously being a writer, has always had an interest in design. Currently, he is now the design editor and lead photographer for the H2N magazine, along with being one of the website managers.