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Ultimate Frisbee is back in action

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Ultimate frisbee, created in 1968 at Columbia High School in New Jersey, quickly became a popular interest across the United States. The widespread attraction to the game led to the formation of college teams, club teams and even a national team.

The sport of ultimate frisbee has been a topic of interest at Hayfield too. However, in the past it has proved to be disjointed. Mysteriously forming and disintegrating, Hayfield’s ultimate frisbee club has seemed to be active sporadically over the last few years, making it difficult for the program to grow. Nevertheless, the club has been revived this year, and its members are committed to making ultimate frisbee a lasting activity at Hayfield.

Junior Eddie Nosal is one of the co-captains of the club, and also worked to get the club running this year. Nosal was first introduced to the sport during an elementary school field day, and since then his appreciation for the sport has grown and inspired him to get other students interested as well.
“Personally, being able to compete with and against friends is what I favor the most,” Nosal said.
Ultimate frisbee requires collaboration from all members of the team, making it important that teammates work together and that each player has the opportunity to actively participate. While that does leave some room for error, it is what creates the chemistry among the team.

“Just like most team sports, communication is definitely a challenge,” Nosal said. “Ultimate frisbee requires several players to score a single point.”

The club holds meetings once per week, unless there is a school event which prevents them from doing so; the captains plan to continue meeting weekly in order to keep the members interested while still allowing them time to focus on school and participate in other activities. While they have only held practices so far, they do plan to participate in games and tournaments with other schools in the future if they can get more students interested.

“Because ultimate is a co-ed sport, we would need more girls interested in playing for Hayfield,” Nosal said.

Although the club is currently small, the environment is appealing for the students who are involved.
“Everyone is really nice and cooperative,” junior Colin Short said. “The game is shaped so there can’t really be any ball hogs.”

Members of the club are hopeful that more students will join and develop an appreciation for ultimate frisbee. They also hope to maintain a positive setting that allows participants to enjoy themselves while being active.

”Our goal is to create an atmosphere that welcomes everyone, regardless of how athletic you are,” Nosal said. “Running and throwing for an hour straight definitely leads to a healthier lifestyle.”

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Ultimate Frisbee is back in action