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New female softball coaches will greatly improve the Hayfield softball program

Thomas Kinder

Thomas Kinder


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The Hayfield softball program has welcomed two new assistant coaches to the coaching staff: Taylor Neuhart and Kaitlyn Roberts. Both coaches have extensive softball backgrounds, with Neuhart and Roberts having played with the Hayfield softball program in high school and at the collegiate level. Neuhart attended Lipscomb University, where she played division one softball on a scholarship, and Roberts attended Northern Virginia Community College (NOVA) where she played on their softball team. As women having played softball at a high level, they will be able to greatly improve the potential skill and level of play both the junior varsity and varsity teams will be able reach.

In previous years, the Hayfield softball program lacked female coaches, being coached solely by a team of decorated male coaches, such as the 2018 head coach, Dave Neuhart. The inclusion of two, extremely qualified female coaches who had once been members of the Hayfield softball team will strengthen the school’s softball program tremendously. By having been in similar situations as the athletes in the softball program, the empathy that they will be able to extend to the girls on the team will foster a productive environment.

Neuhart will work with the varsity team as an assistant coach, primarily specializing as a pitching and catching coach due to her past as a collegiate pitcher, while Roberts will mainly assist in coaching the junior varsity team. The greatly welcomed addition of two talented and celebrated Hayfield softball alumni as coaches will vastly improve the performance and skill set of the Hayfield softball program as a whole.

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  1. Keith Upah on March 16th, 2018 1:23 pm

    It’s good to see these coaches feel strongly enough about their sport to return to their Alma Mater and “give back.” I hope the girls teams have great success this year…

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New female softball coaches will greatly improve the Hayfield softball program