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New additions to library improve student experience


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At Hayfield, many students utilize the library’s quiet and focused atmosphere for studying, research and checking out books. In recent weeks, the library has undergone changes to improve student experience and save time while paying the library a visit. The addition of a new method to arrange SOAR 4 tickets as well as the installation of newer, faster computers help save time and energy in the busy daily life of a student.

For the installation of the new laptops, innovation in the library was only a matter of time and, to many, an overdue change. To make them last, however, students are asked to respect the technology and use caution when using them.

“Most of our old CPUs were installed when we renovated [the library] in 2003,” librarian Mindy Klein said. “The new [laptops] are really quick to log in and really nice. That’s why we’re being stricter about food and drink in the library. Food can be improperly cleaned up and if we get pests, they can destroy these new laptops.”

Faster technology to print and turn in assignments has been in the library prior to the new laptops in the form of an express printing station. Students can use the station at the front of the library to quickly log in and access their work, but the station often fills up and the wait is longer than students are willing to endure. Now, a full express station won’t prevent students from printing what they need.

“The big difference [in the library] is that we currently have three computers that are used throughout the day for express printing because the old computers took so long to log in,” Klein said. “Now, if the express printing is busy, students can log in just as easily on the new laptops. Also, the laptops are much more compatible with Google Apps; they work and update much faster than the old ones.”

In addition to faster computers, the process of acquiring SOAR 4 library passes has also been updated. While getting them manually is still the same, the option to get tickets online up to a month in advance is now a possibility for high schoolers.

“There is one new thing involving SOAR 4 tickets, and that is that high school students can now get their tickets online,” Klein said. “They can get up to two tickets a month, but they have to know what dates they need in advance when [they] fill out the form. [Students] only have to show their cell phone or print out the confirmation email to get in.”

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New additions to library improve student experience